Bowls & Beats

Breeze-la has been developing a meditation which combines the healing tones of the alchemy crystal singing bowls & his voice with movement medicine(dance) inspired by an eclectic mix of world beat music. These unique offerings invite awareness deeply into the physical, emotional, mental, energetic, etheric, spiritual & cosmic bodies and promote the healing of old wounds & karmas, movement of stuck energetic patterns, and inviting awareness into the deep presence and peacefulness of pure consciousness. A typical offering may include breath work, mantra, toning, meditation, stretching and dancing.
A session will begin with a Sound Healing Meditation. From that place of profound stillness, there is an invitation to wake up the body with breath and then stretching to melodic, meditative music. As the body opens to movement, the rhythms and beats of the music will encourage patterns and shapes to emerge and be danced in ever increasing tempos that will eventually call for the release of stuck energies, sounds and holdings. From a crescendo place of ecstatic surrender, allowing the body to move in complete freedom of expression, there is a slow returning into the world of melody and integration, settling back into the still presence of awareness.

No experience in meditation or dance is necessary. A session will last from 2 to 2-1/2 hours and you will be guided through each step in the journey.