Conscious Healing Practice

Breeze-la & his partner, Sue Kessler(Su-Nami) work jointly in a healing practice at home and on the road.  
Their offerings include a conscious healing practice developed and taught by Stephen Barr:

Muscle Testing the Aura and Chakras for interference, grounding, openness and to help guide treatment.

3 "External & Internal Dragon" acupressure points - for drug & trauma clearing - Anesthesia, the pain of physical and emotional trauma, alcohol & drugs, all leave an energetic footprint in our systems which can be released by holding these points with clear intention.

Homeopathic Remedies placed at various places on the body can help in moving those stuck energies.

Microcosmic Orbit - Working with an ancient Taoist breathing technique to release stuck emotional, energetic, karmic baggage.

Acupressure fill points - Throughout and following every clearing, any parts of spirit or consciousness that have either shut down or checked out, as a result of what was just cleared, are called back into their physical, energetic, auric place in the body.


Crystal Light Array from John of God - The medium, John of God(JoG), calls these devices his children. A series of seven vogel cut(12 sided) crystals, which come from the same mother crystal, are suspended in line from a framework.  Each crystal is oriented to its own chakra and has a different pulsing colored light shining through it.  These crystals are in resonance with the giant crystals residing in the current room at the Casa de Dom Ignacio in Abadania, Brazil, where JoG offers his healing work.  This energetic connection allows those same spiritual energetic forces at work there, to work through the light array.  Breeze and Sue have both been given permission by the medium to work with this healing device.
Private Sound Healing sessions with Breeze-la
Astrological Readings with Su-Nami