Sound Healing Meditations

Breeze-la works with chakra and endocrine system attuned Crystal Tones singing bowls along with his voice, a collection of sound instruments and an extensive meditation practice. Breath work, mantra, vocal toning, chants and the healing tones from his beautiful collection of bowls and instruments all are a part of this offering.


A meditation will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what the event calls for. It will typically begin with an outline of what to expect with the intent of giving the mind enough information to relax. Breathing exercises, an OM chant & inward looking will follow to invite awareness to settle into the stillness of the present moment. It is from that place that Breeze-la offers a journey into the world of tonal, alchemy & sacred geometric vibrations.


Your invitation is to open to whatever feelings, thoughts or sensations that might arise. If your sounds or tones are being called forth to further open and attune your vibrational system, they are welcome but you are asked to be sensitive to the experiences of your neighbors.